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Kotori will be serving freshly cooked udon, toppings and sides at The Patch Beer Cafe on Wednesday 8th June from 5pm. Bookings here.


Udon with Fish Dashi Broth and Beef

Hand made, hand cut udon in an incredibly deep fish dashi broth, made with three dashi combined to give layers of umami, served with thinly sliced juicy beef, cooked in our special flavour packed sauce, served with grated ginger, spring onion and shichimi (Japanese spice mix).

Allergen info – Contains wheat, soy, fish.  Shicimi (Japanese spice mix) contains sesame.


Udon with Vegan Dashi Broth and Abura-Age (V)

Hand made, hand cut udon in a vegan dashi broth made with kombu and toasted soya beans, served with juicy and flavourful marinated abura-age (soya bean curd) along with grated ginger, spring onion, shichimi and crispy tempura batter. Vegan.

Allergen info – Contains wheat, soy.   Shicimi (Japanese spice mix) contains sesame.


Nasu Dengaku (V)
A half aubergine scored and cooked until almost melting, then glazed with a special sweet miso paste and grilled until slightly  caramelised, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

Allergen info – Contains soy, sesame seeds



Free range, locally sourced chicken in a flavourful special soy marinade, coated in a very batter and deep fried until crispy, served with a punchy negi (Japanese long onion) dressing*

* Negi from Namayasai farm

Allergen info – Contains wheat, soy, mustard


Edamame (V)

Edamame (young soyabeans in the pod) cooked in salt. Vegan.

Allergen info – Contains soy